Renault Nissan Bulgaria JSC

Renault Nissan Bulgaria JSC Victor Mladenov

Herewith I would like to state my satisfaction from working with the team of company Innovasys LTD. To us an important prerequisite was to have a company performing the project that is professional in the area of information technologies, as well as reliable partner with which to continue working for the time to come. Our requirements towards the future system were based on our wishes for improving client service via effective follow-up of their needs. Covering the whole sales process, via distribution to the dealer network. After performing the market researches in view of this type of services, “Renault Nissan Bulgaria” JSC made up its mind on company Innovasys LTD. Consequently we entered contract for the implementation of Moneta ERP. The implementation unfolded at several stages and the project was successfully implemented in 2010, in conformity with the term defined in advance and high quality..... - View »

Subaru Bulgaria LTD

Subaru Bulgaria LTD Tsvetan Rashkov
/General Manager/

This reference is issued to Innovasys LTD concerning the successful implementation of the business system - Moneta ERP in “Subaru Motors” LTD. We would like to express our excellent impressions from our joint work with company Innovasys LTD. The implementation was successfully finalized and all our requirements set in the contractual relations, as well as the ones defined during our work, were successfully implemented thanks to the good understanding we enjoyed and the excellent feedback we maintained with the team of Innovasys LTD. Our successful joint work with the company team even today makes us praise the quality of its work highly and recommend it as reliable partner that has a team of professionals that work actively for achieving the set objectives ... - View »

Haas-60 Ltd.

Haas-60 Ltd. Misak Enidzhelyan
/General Manager/

Herewith we would like to express our satisfaction from our joint work with company “Innovasys” LTD in relation to the implementation of inter-company software implemented in Haas-60. The competent professional consulting provided by “Innovasys” LTD resulted in successfully informing our employees about the software product and its follow-up use. The rapid and adequate reactions demonstrated by the company representatives were the very foundations of its timely start-up in conformity with the intended schedule. The professional attitude and support throughout the process of its use maintained their adequate level and after the implementation of the product in “HAAS-60“ ....." - View »

Mirkat LTD

Mirkat LTD Herewith we would like to express our satisfaction from working with the team of company Innovasys LTD concerning the successful implementation of business system – Moneta ERP in “Mirkat” JSC. The comprehensive activity for system construction and implementation was performed precisely, responsibly and in close cooperation with our personnel, which resulted in achieving excellent results and successful project completion in 2010. At present we have implemented the modules Finance and accounting, Lease, Warehouse management, Sale and Purchases of spare parts, Sales and Purchases of vehicles and Shop ... - View »

KIA Motors Bulgaria

KIA Motors Bulgaria Hrabrin Ivanchev
/General Manager/

"I praise as exceptionally positive step our choice of Moneta, in its capacity of basic information system – which ensures service of absolutely all current processes in our company. Our initial desire was to get software product that could serve the processes related to vehicles’ sale, as well as the consequent accounting. In view of the formulated task, our partners from Inovasys provided us with good base that we developed additionally together so that today the new system could serve all our offices, including the dealers throughout the country, in view of deliveries of cars and spare parts, as well as in view of the follow-up financial documents, and mostly the continuous opportunity to follow the operational return of the company. The great advantage we enjoy is that the system is online-based and even if we are not in the office, every colleague of ours could perform the operations he needs to do." - View »

Auto 1 Ltd

Auto 1 Ltd Hristo Atanasov

Auto 1 LTD issues this reference to ensure that in 2010 company “Innovasys” LTD implemented successfully a project for the implementation of integrated e-business system Moneta eShop, in its capacity of an addition to the standard ERP system Moneta. Since the very beginning our team was striving towards laying the foundations of online shop with the capacities for solid expansions and smooth operation in the case of rapid increase of the number of clients, orders and commodities. The easy operation facilitated and cut down the process of system implementation. Until now all systems of company “Innovasys” LTD have been operating in conformity with our needs and requirements and I believe they would keep working in this manner for the time to come ... - View »