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Moneta WMS

General characteristics

"Moneta WMS" is a software application for "Business System Moneta" which is a suitable solution for companies in different business areas. The main purpose of the module is to manage, organize and improve work in the warehouse.

"Moneta WMS" provides a set of procedures for processing the activities in the warehouse. The application is based on its connection to mobile technologies such as barcode readers and mobile terminals. The documents created in the "Business System Moneta", such as deliveries, transfers and orders, are handled by the warehouse staff - easily, quickly and conveniently.


Moneta Business System is an integrated information system developed on a modular basis that uses a common data base.

"Moneta WMS" is a stand-alone module that integrates with our other products - Business System Moneta, Moneta Auto and Moneta e-Shop.

  • A complete logistics solution for every business.
  • Workflow optimization of the warehouse.
  • Increased speed and accuracy of the main processes in the warehouse.
  • Reduced paper handling and double-entry of information.
  • Reduced risk of mistakes in processing supplies, customer orders and transfers.
  • Flexibility and adaptability of solutions to different situations.
  • Saving time for warehouse staff and hence increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Better and quicker customer service.
  • Full control and tracking of all movements and location of an item.
  • Complementing the application's functionality in line with the company's needs.
  • Full integration with the Business System Moneta to achieve a unified, integrated system that manages all processes in the company.


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Moneta WMS



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