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Moneta e-Shop

General characteristics

We offer you a unique way for communication with your costumers - a system of online access to prices, stocks, orders of goods and documents exchange.

Moneta e-Shop is an efficient, flexible and upgraded B2B system for Internet Trade. System base is the product catalogue, basket and costumer registration that consists of costumer details, records of his orders, invoices and deliveries to him. Apart from this Moneta e-Shop could be integrated to Moneta Business System, as internet based business system, e-trade and information portal of the company. The system provides the option on access for unlimited number of users to Moneta Business System via web interface.

Moneta е-Shop ready prototype allows solution implementation to be done for a short period and at a low price providing lots of functionality without requiring lots of modifications in the programming code.


Moneta Business System is an integrated information system developed on a modular basis that uses a common data base.

Moneta e-Shop modules contains all modules of Moneta Standard - Deliveries and Sales. Warehouse; Nomenclatures and Administration, as well the module related to the activity- E-trade.
Option on integration to Moneta Auto Business System, as well as all other offered  modules – Finance and Accountancy; leasing, marketing, production.

By using Moneta eShop you improve communication with your partners and diminish administrative work on their servicing. Electronic shop allows you to expand your market presence and improve your financial indicators.

Comfort of your custumers:

  • Updated information on stocks, prices and promotions.
  • Review of issued documents history, as well as orders, sales, payments, etc
  • Options on searching products on different criteria.
  • Option on import of orders from a file and export of documents you issued.
  • Report on current payables and payment maturit.

Comfort for you:

  • Integration of Moneta eShop to the company website.
  • Specifying different authorization and access rights of system users
  • Decreased manual data processing decreases the possibility for making mistakes.
  • Options on additional modifications according your requirements.
  • Your business works for you 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Low costs on acquisition and implementation


Please use the links to download the technical information related to the product in Word (PDF) format:

Visualisation e-Shop
Visualisation Moneta e-Shop
Moneta e-Shop Booklet
e-Shop Booklet
Moneta e-Shop Booklet



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