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Аdditional Modules

Аdditional Modules

General characteristics

Moneta Business System has been designed and developed for covering the whole trade process which makes it a suitable selection for different business areas.

It consists of modules that are mutually interactive and designated for providing entire information integration, ensuring coherence and transparency of all activities and processes in the company.

Moneta Business System is upgraded according to business needs.


Moneta Business System is an integrated information system developed on a modular basis that uses a common data base.

Modules that are offered by Moneta Business System and Moneta Auto are Sales, Deliveries, Warehouse, Auto Repair Shop, Automobiles, Nomenclatures, Administration. They offer the options on flexible management of trade work process, purchase and sales of goods and automobiles, service activity, import and distribution of goods, car parts and accessories. 

Full optimisation of your business is provided by development of additional modules:

Finance and Accountancy Module

General Features:
This Moneta module provide the option on financial and economic management of the business activity as well as accountancy servicing of the company. Automatic accounting of operations performed by the other system modules. Automatic accounting templates are applied for frequently used accounting operation. Easy chorological tracing of performed accounting records on accounting document.

Module functions:

  • Customized chart of accounts with an option on adding sub accounts and analytical levels.
  • Automatic accounting of primary documents (invoices, credit notifications, reports, reports on intra community operations, payment documents).
  • Cancelling and editing of accounting documents.
  • Review of accounting records that formed accounts balances.
  • Accenting diary and option on loading an account assignment template for frequently performed operations.
  • Keeping one or several cash/banks in different currencies.
  • Tracing of cash and bank operations and money amount available.
  • Transferring money between different money amounts.
  • Settings of business and product groups for direct accounting.
  • Option on generating and exporting of accounting references.
  • Generating and exporting of VAT diaries under VAT law.
  • Monthly VAT and VIES declaration.
  • Intraststat – sending and receiving.
  • Options on defining a large variety of accounting references – turnover payroll. Turnover payroll on partners. Analytical turnover payroll for a period. An account chronology. Main book of an account. Balance on partners as of a specific date. Balance on money amount. Account diary. Products without Intrastat code. 
  • Option on data import and export from and to MS Excel, TXT и XML.
  • Option on attaching files to documents.

Fixed Assets Module

General Features:

This module is directly related to Finance and Accountancy Module. Full information on acquiring and depreciation of a specific asset.

Module functions: 

  • Nomenclature of Fixed Assets.
  • Accounting depreciation.
  • Tax depreciation.
  • Generating references – depreciation plan with calculated depreciation. Tax depreciation plan.

Leasing Module

General Features:
In the last years leasing became more and more popular as a method of financing a purchase. This is related as to small consumer goods, so to motor vehicles – cars, trucks, etc. Today leasing is one of the main instruments of investment financing. There are different types of leasing plans, in Bulgaria main and most frequently used are financial and operative leasing. This module provides the option on effective management of such type of transactions and all operations related to them. It covers the whole leasing cycle – preparing offers using a leasing calculator, leasing contract preparation, monthly contributions calculation as well as the leasing plan. Having a range of references and analysis, it is possible to get information on costumer receivables, outstanding payments, nominal debt on leasing contracts at each time.
Convenient and easy export of required obligatory references to the Central Credit Register (CCR).

Module functions:

  • Leasing calculator.
  • Advance payments.
  • Leasing contracts, expecting approval and transferring to active contracts.
  • Credit contracts.
  • Generating invoices on contributions on leasing contracts on their maturity for a specific period.
  • Options on invoicing or sending lots of leasing contributions with a maturity to a specific date.
  • Generating documents of services – fees, taxes and insurances.
  • Full payment of leasing contract before contracted term, including calculation of a fee on this early payment.
  • Tracing of issued documents on leasing contracts, as well as payments to them.
  • Calculating defaults for overdue payments
  • Generating references – information on current condition on all assets. Not paid or not recorded deliveries for a period. Nominal debt on leasing contracts as of a specific date. Impending leasing payments. Contracts in the bank, etc.
  • Option on exporting the reference to the Central Credit Register (CCR).

Marketing Module (CRM)

General Features:

This Module of Moneta Business System has been developed for the needs of Marketing Department and customer relations. Marketing Module provides access to all data available on active contact and full history of relations. Information could be found fast and easy as well as traced within the system. It allows in single database customer information to be collected,   keep reports on the contacts with present and potential customers, analyse sales and efficient marketing activities, coordinate and controls manager’s work. It could be additionally developed in accordance to the needs of a specific company.

Module functions: 

  • Organising a database with contacts, telephone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.
  • Creating target groups of costumers, organizing campaigns related to specific target groups and monitoring their efficiency.
  • Individual calendar and calendar on company establishments.
  • Visual organizing of meetings, tasks, activities by the means of a calendar that is built in the system.
  • Grouping the tasks on type, priority and supervisor.
  • Easy and fast tracing of all correspondence for a specific contact or costumer.
  • Options on sorting, grouping, filtering and exporting.
  • Serial letters in MS Word format.
  • Electronic massages to a group of contacts. 

Projects Module

General Features:

Priority importance for the success of each business is the successful project implementation. Though that depending on the field of activity, phrase definition of "successful implementation" could vary, almost always one of the targets is the specific time limit to be kept. Project Management Module that we offer will not only help you in perfect organization of the activities on a specific project but it also help you tracing the changes in all indicators and result analysis.

Module functions: 

  • Options on defining project and stages.
  • Assigning specific tasks to the employees.
  • Assigning main tasks on a specific project.
  • Determine time limits for tasks performance.
  • Planning of work that shell be done on a specific task for a specific period of time.
  • Work plan for each employee.
  • Reporting stage achievement on a specific project.
  • Inspection on quantity and quality of executed tasks by the means of a number of references.

Production Module

General Features:

This module has been developed for the purpose of all production activity aspects. Its functionality helps companies in planning and controlling production in the warehouse. Connected to other system modules, it controls the entire production and sale process as the entire company accounting is achieved.

Module functions: 

  • Production plan.
  • Defining production recipes.
  • Production report.
  • Options on production of lots of product items with a single report.
  • Automatic deregistering of product items from the warehouse and registering of produced items.
  • Obtaining necessary information by the means of references available – required production materials, planning production for sales,produced production for a period.



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