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What is an ERP system?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a multi-functional information system driven by an integrated set of programming modules that support a company's core internal workflow. The ERP system gives the company the opportunity to track real-time core business processes such as production, delivery and inventory management.

What are the advantages of an ERP system, compared to a simple warehouse software?

One of the main advantages of ERP systems is that this type of systems combines multiple business processes, saving time and costs, thus achieving effective planning and management of all organization resources. Another tangible advantage is that the information is real-time for the entire company, which assists the work of individual units by improving the internal and external business environment.

How long does it take to implement an ERP system?

The implementation of an ERP system often takes longer than expected time. Implementation requires planning, analysis, and often changing existing business processes in the company. The time for implementing the system into the company depends on the size of the company and the number of modules that will be implemented. Customizing the system can significantly increase the time it takes to implement it. Implementation takes place in several stages and requires full interaction between the assigning company and the ERP system provider.

What is the architecture of Business System Moneta?

Business System Moneta is an integrated information system with open architecture on three levels:

First level: Data Base
Executes all required operations on storage, update, support and management of system database.

Second level: Application Server Saves business process logic of the application. Optimises user access to the information. Provides options on gradation and integrity on business operation level.

Third level: Costumer At this level, costumer interacts with the system, in other words, registering and data visualisation. Provides customized and approachable interface, in accordance to each user activity.

What database does use Business System Moneta?

Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL Server)

What operating systems does Business System Moneta work on?

The database is stored and operated only under the Microsoft Windows operating system.
Client applications also allow work under other operating systems - Linux and Mac OS.

Is it possible to integrate the Business System Moneta with other software or applications?

For the sake of flexible workflow management in the company, Moneta ERP system has the ability to integrate with other software products, applications and devices.

Is it possible for the Moneta Business System to be accessed remotely?

Yes, for this purpose a client application of Business System Moneta - 'Moneta client', must be installed on a device from which the system will be accessed. To access, the server must have a static IP address that can be obtained from the internet provider.

Are updates of the ERP system possible if the company prefers not to use a subscription service?

Any company without a subscription service receives no update (new versions) of the product. For customers without a service contract, the hourly rate for different services is higher.
If a non-subscription customer would like to subscribe to a subscription service, they should pay for the period missed.

Is there a possibility for European funding when buying and implementing the Moneta Business Management System?

On many occasions, Innovasys Ltd. has been selected by the Managing Authority as a contractor for programs to implement a business process management system.
For the successful application and completion of the project, it is advisable to use a specialized consulting firm.

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